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Graphic Design Jokes

I came across this amusing article. It contains some funny stuff. WARNING: It may contain graphic design subject matter. LOL 35 Design Jokes That Will Make You Laugh 😄 Have …

choosing the right font

Choosing the right font

At times, one can get a bit overwhelmed with the daunting task of choosing a font for a project. You choose a font, add it to your project and then …

cocky t-shirt design | grafixfreak

Cocky T-shirt Design

After many observations out in  the “real world”, it was noticed that there are many people who are and/or act cocky (some may say those people are acting “douche-y.” True, …

Andy Warhol

Lost Warhol Art

Digital artwork, created by Andy Warhol using an Amiga PC, has been recently discovered. Check out the article by Jon Turi on Engadget