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We are creative minds with a lot of stuff bottled up and oozing out that beckons to be created and wanting to be shared. “Hey, you need to put that sh*t on a t-shirt,” said one of the many voices in our heads. So this is an effort to satisfy the voices and an attempt to make the world (ok, maybe NOT the world; maybe the dorm, workplace, neighborhood, book club, etc) more [graphically] appealing by creating some Grafix Tees & more. In the words of that famous big purple dinosaur, “Sharing is caring.”


An outlet to display our thoughts, as designs, that were begging to be released. The designs are funny, sarcastic, cynical and more; whatever pops into our minds (or what the voices command). The inspirations for most of the graphics originate from observations on life, society, trends, or whatever is interesting and funny that ignites creativity.


Because the creative mind is a terrible thing to waste! This is an escape—an escape for all the chaos in our creative minds that is constantly begging to be seen and “heard”. Hence, this little space of expression was born. So, come on in, the water is warm. Check out things! Stay a while!

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This where we will post updates about new designs or new products. And if something peaks our interests, we will post here. Come by often, you will never what you might find.

rockin' ronnie | grafixfreak

Rockin Ronnie

Rockin Ronnie Created a new (or revised) design of Rockin’ Ronnie, a.k.a. Ronald Reagan. We tried to make him “hip” by having him adorn some funky sunglasses that were popular …